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This program is the hands-on learning experience required in a Product Owner's journey to mastery. The program includes a 5-week learning journey.

Product Owner Bootcamp Program:

Week 1 - Roles and Responsibilities of Product Owner
Week 2 - Open Space Activities, Creating Bootcamp Agile Teams
Week 3 - Bootcamp 1.Sprint
Week 4 - Bootcamp 2.Sprint
Week 5 - Bootcamp KaiZen - Retro Events and Achievements

Bootcamp Scope:

1- Online Education
2- Workshop
3- Mentor Coaching
4- Homework Assessment
5- Mentor Evaluation Report
6- Certification

All activities within the scope of the program will be carried out every week, on 2 determined days, between 19:30 and 22:30.

Product Owner Bootcamp


  • 5 Day

  • Online

  • Ask Please

  • 30 PDU

Program fees are not included in VAT. In order to open programs for general participation, application of adequate number of participants is required. In cases where this number does not reach the required capacity, SD Akademi reserves the right not to open training. SD Akademi reserves the right to change the dates of the announced trainings.


Our trainings are given with our expert staff who have experience in the field of Business and Technology conversions, with their international knowledge and experience in the field of business and technology conversions and who provide corporate solutions within the scope of Lean and Agile transformation programs.