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This training is designed to ensure that an Agile Leader can effectively take on the critical role in Agile transformation, based on Agile philosophy and practice, and successfully pass the International PAL-E certification exam conducted by Scrum.org. An effective and successful Agile Leadership in education is explained end-to-end in line with Agile Values ​​and Agile Principles.

This training focuses on Scrum certification and includes the Agile Leadership Certificate - PAL-E exam coverage.

Training Scope:

1. Leadership vs Management
2. Agile Team Dynamics and Performance
3. Agile Team Coaching and Dynamics

Agile Leadership and International PAL-E Prep Training


  • 2 Day

  • Online

  • Ask Please

  • 12 PDU

Program fees are not included in VAT. In order to open programs for general participation, application of adequate number of participants is required. In cases where this number does not reach the required capacity, SD Akademi reserves the right not to open training. SD Akademi reserves the right to change the dates of the announced trainings.


Our trainings are given with our expert staff who have experience in the field of Business and Technology conversions, with their international knowledge and experience in the field of business and technology conversions and who provide corporate solutions within the scope of Lean and Agile transformation programs.